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Stunning Altai Tavan Bogd National Park follows Western Mongolia’s border with China and Russia, and is the greatest attraction in Western Mongolia.
The park really does have it all: beautiful valleys, alpine lakes, rivers, glaciers, and the highest peaks in Mongolia. 

This natural richness gives rise to a host of activities, most visitors will do some hiking or horse riding, but there are fantastic opportunities for the better equipped or organized to try fishing, climbing, rafting, or back country skiing. To top it all off, travelers can experience the amazing Khazakh culture and see archeological sights. 

Tavan Bogd, or ‘Five Saints’, is so named for the five large peaks which lie right on the Western Mongolian border. The tallest of these, Khuiten Uul, is the highest mountain in Mongolia, at 4369m (about 14,300 feet). From between these permanently snow-covered peaks tumble two spectacular glaciers. The valleys heading up toward the peaks are completely empty people and absolutely stunning.

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