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The Mongolian climate is purely continental.  It is very cold in winter and hot in the summer. The thermal amplitude is very important in Ulan Bator, the maximum is 40 degrees in the summer and the minimum down sometimes below -40 degrees in the winter. The average temperature in January is -26 degrees and in July is 28 degrees, July is the hottest month. Temperatures vary a lot during the year, but also in the same day. In general, the weather is very dry throughout the year and the winds are violent. We count over 255 days of sunshine in one year. The South and the Gobi desert are also subject to intense cold and ice. Spring is short and is sometimes marked by wind storms (they can reach peaks of 15 to 25 m / second) and snowfalls. The summer is usually warm and that is in this season that rainfalls are the most important. However, they remain scarce since their maximum volume is 500 mm per year. They are irregularly distributed over the territory and are much denser in the north than in the South. They last from June to late August; the rest of the year is rather characterized as dry. The spring officially begins in February but is only effective in April and the winter starts in fact from the month of October. 

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