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Inside the ger (yurt): Entering the yurt, men sit on the left side and women on the right side. Basically, near the altar is the place of the chief of the house and guests. A small silk bag filled with seeds is suspended under the Toono (crown circle), as a sign of good luck, sometimes even a few tufts of yak hair holds the strand of felt. Avoid hitting the bottom of the door frame, resting against the posts supporting the toono, sitting back turned to the altar or whistling in the yurt. Reciting prayers during the construction of a yurt calls good spirits.  
Fire: Throwing rubbish in the fire would be an insult to the spirit of the yurt, a bin is provided on the outside. Avoid pointing the blade of a knife into the fire. Giving something on top of the stove is prohibited.  
Food & Drink: When you are given the aïrag, you must drink a little, and then give the bowl back to the person who has served you. He will fill it again and offer it to another person. There are always three rounds of vodka and arkhi. The bowl of tea and the bowl of noodles with meat are individual, while the glass of vodka and aïrag are collective. The meat is cut with both hands, but the sharpness of the knife always turned towards you. 

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