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The majority of the population belongs to the Khalkha. Among the ethnic groups inhabiting Mongolia, there are also Bayad, Buryat, Dorvod, Kazakh, Uriankhai, Uzemtchin. The rate of population growth is estimated at 1.54% (2000 census). Nearly 2 / 3 of the population are aged under 30 and 36% are under 14 years.  
Approximately 50% of Mongolians are Buddhists, 6% are Christians, 40% are shamanism, and 4% are Muslims or others.  
The population is increasingly urbanized, with nearly half living in the capital and provincial centers. The semi-nomadic life still predominates in the countryside, where families live in villages during the harsh winter and in yurts during summer. Today 3 million people are registered in Mongolia with 67.4% of young people under 30. Life expectancy is 65 years. The population density is 1.4 km ² / inhabitant.  Administratively, Mongolia is divided into 21 aimags (regions). The broader region is Umnugobi aimag and the most populated region is Khovsgol aimag.

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