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The traditional costume is called "Deel". Due to the harsh climate, we wear the "Deel" every time; this is a long dress with long sleeves, cut in one piece. The "Deel" is closed on the front, buttoned on the right side and tightens at the waist by a wide belt which color contrasts with the "Deel". According to the season, the “Deel” can be made in silk, linen wool, lined with camel or lamb fur. In winter, we wear the skin of sheep, in the summer the “terleg”, another name for “Deel ".

In spring and autumn, we wear a “Deel” made in cotton, leather, skin or felt. The Mongolians have been making their own clothes for years. Great significance is attributed to the colors and symbols of the national costume. The elderly wear more discrete colors. Bright colors in clothing and trimmings are reserved to young people. Married people and girls differ from each other by the "Deel". Wearing a hat is a sign of dignity for men, and a solid pair of boots is worn to ride all day long. In Mongolia, there are 400 different kinds of “Deels”, twenty models of boots, dozens of belts. As Mongolia is inhabited by different ethnic groups, Khalkha, Buryats, Bayad, Durvuds, Kazakhs, one discovers a great diversity of forms, shapes, colors and adornments in the national costumes. The national dress of the Mongolians has kept its originality and its rich traditions.

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