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Traditional music uses the pentatonic scale and has two forms: the first is rhythmic, with a regular structure; the second is free and varies according to the mood and the singer. There are various kind of songs:
Long song which is the oldest. It takes its source in the ancient poetry and has an epic tone. Always performed in solo, this song is characterized by a large melodic breathing and an extensive record which requires a powerful blast of the singer, since he is vocalizing as long as possible without regaining his breath, modulating endlessly on vowels.  
Diaphone song is the most spectacular and probably the most archaic type of song. 

The Khuumii is a vocal technique that allows one person to produce simultaneously two or even three separate vocal lines. On the one hand, a continuous drone, from the air leaving the throat, and, on the other hand, a series of Harmonic produced with the tongue that rolls on the palate, doses the breath and issues sounds similar to the flute.  
Epic song is the Mongolians have inherited ancient and rich epic traditions. Their most remarkable epics are named Geseriade and Jangariade (epic of Geser and Jangar). 
Magtaal is a type of song that still holds an important place in the life of the Mongolians today. It is a poetic hymn of praise, an epic hymn that has its roots in the Mongolian shamanic poetry. Dedicated to sacred mountains, to a powerful wrestler-from whom it praises the strength and skill or to a good horse- from which it praises the velocity, it punctuates all important events in the life of nomads, whether in a sung or versified form.  

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