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There is 43,700 km of roads in Mongolia with only 1300 km of paved road. Rail and airplanes are the two other means of transport.  
Aviation: Only the Mongolian Company MIAT provides non-stop flight Ulaanbaatar-Berlin. Other companies offer a stopover in Moscow or Beijing. The Russian company Aeroflot offers a flight Moscow-Ulaanbaatar. The airport of Ulaanbaatar “ChinghisKhan” at Buyant-Ukhaa is located 18km from the center of Ulaanbaatar. The MIAT provides all regular flights from and to all the capitals of aimags.  
Railway: The Trans-Siberian Railway (1815), which connects Russia to China, is very important. From Moscow, the train takes the Transsiberian railway to Ulan-Ude, then the Transmongolien railway towards Beijing, and stopped at Ulaanbaatar. 
Public transport network of buses and taxis cover all aimag capitals. 

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