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The monastery was built in 1654 by Saint Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and one of the biggest representatives of Buddhism in Mongolia. The creation work temple dedicated to religious study and art works became the foundation of today’s Tuvkhun Monastery. It is located on a rocky mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated in 2300 meters above sea level. In 1651, the first religious state man Zanabazar built a small stony building.
According to legend, only Zanabazar was allowed to right up to the temples. Others had to dismount at the base at bas of the peak and walk up. Near the top of staircase, to the right of temples, are two wells about fifteen feet from each other. One has fresh water in it, while the other has slightly brackish water.

Researchers have determined that this first temple was the meditation studio of Under Gegeen Zanabazar. Tuvkhen monastery was restored in 1760 and 1786. One undamaged temple (temple-studio) and foundations of buildings, wooden floors, ruins of some temples were protected by the province in 1971 and by the State in 1994. A restoration design for the undamaged temple-studio was made.

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